Alex's First half marathon.

Alex's First half marathon.

Catch the replay of instagram live with Alex and Jimmy from Running Punks - HERE


It may not seem much to some, but for me this was a massive deal! After having a spinal stroke when I was a teenager I was left with no more hobbies, a constant fear I would never walk again and a sense of self doubt!

I can’t explain the level of support my amazing wife to be, Georgia has given me!

“You can do this and you will finish”


My legs where shaking and every voice in my body said to stop “you are pushing your body too hard” but it was her shouting at me by my side and we did it!!

I basically crawled over the finish line with my weaker leg screaming, I am so proud of us both 🖤

Half marathon : 1hour 57mins

Huge thanks to @runningpunks and @sumsclub for the support, go check em out!

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