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Mash Gang

HAWG - 0.5% - American Pale ale - 440ml - 12 Pack

HAWG - 0.5% - American Pale ale - 440ml - 12 Pack

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We first got into craft beer because we wanted to be blown away by flavour.

Fruity, Spicy, Zesty

In the push for more modern juicer/hazier/sweeter/more approachable beers, we felt like we had lost a part of that jaw-dropping, face-slapping experience.

This beer is a throwback to our favourite noughties craft beers. A generous dose of six different classic New World hops brings pithy pink grapefruit, mango and guava notes with a fine, fiery, peppery finish. Easy drinking & thirst-quenching yet bold.

Spicy and zesty, with a solid malt backbone. So dig out your Von Dutch trucker hat and your Ed Hardy shirt and let’s go planking.

  • Hops: New World order hops
  • Adjuncts: 
  • Vegan 
  • Crank. That. HAWG!
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